Wisconsin Star Joe Schobert Thinks Iowa's Offensive Line May Be Better Than Alabama's

In the season opener, Wisconsin went up against Alabama, and the Crimson Tide had little trouble opening up holes for star running back Derrick Henry. The junior back ran for 147 yards and three touchdowns on just 13 carries against the Badgers. Wisconsin star linebacker Joe Schobert doesn't think that 'Bama necessarily has the best offensive line that he's faced. That honor goes to the Iowa Hawkeyes. Schobert had a monster game in a losing effort against Iowa, with three sacks and two forced fumbles, but he had a ton of praise for the Hawkeyes, per The Gazette

“I put them on par with Alabama, maybe even a little more,” Schobert told the Dubuque Telegraph Herald. “They want to hit you more than Alabama wants to hit you. Alabama is a good, physical offensive line, but I think Iowa kind of takes it to that next step and wants to run at you and wants to physically punch you. We knew that coming in and they lived up to it today. It was just great competition between us and them.”

The advanced line stats tell a bit of a mixed story. According to Football Study Hall, Alabamaranks 23rd nationally in adjusted line rushing yards, and 40th in adjusted sack rate. Iowais better in preventing sack (18th) but lags behind in the run blocking analytics (69th). Either way, Iowa should be proud of the huge Big Ten West win. Being mentioned in the same breath as Alabama is rarely a bad thing.

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