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Watch: Cincinnati's Tommy Tuberville Tells Fan To "Go To Hell" And "Get A Job"

Tommy Tuberville yells at a fan during a Cincinnati game.


Tommy Tuberville is not having a great year at Cincinnati, and he took out his frustrations on a taunting fan after today's loss to BYU.

The Bearcats are 4-5 on the season, with four double-digit losses in their last five games. The program, and school, were shut out of joining the Power Five, with the Big 12 deciding against expansion. Tensions are high at Cincinnati, as evidenced by a verbal spat between Tuberville and a fan in the stands following the 20-3 loss to the Cougars.

WCPO reporter Keenan Singleton caught the back-and-forth on video. It's hard to tell what was said to Tuberville, though it sounds like the fan says that Tuberville is "stealing from the university." The veteran head coach responds with "go to hell" and "get a job."

We're not sure how Tommy Tuberville can discern this fan's employment situation, but everyone involved could probably use a win soon.

According to USA Today, Tuberville is the 52nd-highest paid head coach in the nation at $2.2 million per year.

Cincinnati ends the season with a trip to UCF, a home game against Memphis, and a trip to Tulsa. There is a very strong chance that Tuberville finishes the season below .500, which would be the first team he has done that since 2011 at Texas Tech. Tuberville has just four losing seasons in his 20 full years as head coach, a career that includes stops at Ole Miss, a long tenure at Auburn, and three years at Texas Tech. He is in his fourth season at the helm of the Bearcats.