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Houston's Tom Herman Blasts Media Over Reports That He Met With Baylor

Last week, two reports emerged that Houston head coach Tom Herman had met with Baylor officials to discuss the Bears' head coaching job. Considering Herman's standing in the coaching world, the turmoil that Baylor currently finds itself in, and the fact that it is July, the story seemed a bit far-fetched. The story was quickly refuted from Herman sources, and now the Cougars head coach said that the story broke while he was on vacation with his family at a water park. From the Houston Chronicle:

"It's a shame because it affects my family life, too," Herman said. "When I do my job poorly or when I make a mistake in my job, there are tangible repercussions of that. It feels like now that our media - if that's what you want to call some of these guys with a smartphone in their hand and sources - there are no repercussions. There's no restitution for me."


"I had to spend a day of vacation – I was at Schlitterbahn on Wednesday with my kids and my phone's blowing up and I have to spend time on vacation away from my family to then draft some statement and squash some rumors," he said.

"Did that guy have to do that, that was wrong? Did he have to come out and make a statement that he was wrong? No."

Herman used the unfortunate experience to sound off on larger issues he has with media today.

"It's just a shame that that's the way that media is today," Herman said. "I just wish there were more repercussions and punishment for those when you get it wrong. Just like my kids, you screw up, you screw up. Say it. 'I screwed up. I apologize. I screwed up.'"

The timing was clearly poor for Herman, but this definitely won't be the only time he gets tied into coaching rumors, especially if his Cougars continue to win at the level they did in 2015.

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