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Watch: Tom Herman Is Done "Putting Out Statements To Refute Bogus Information" When Asked About Texas

Tom Herman is tired of having to address speculation about whether he'll take the Texas job.

All season, there have been heavy rumors that the Houston head coach is next in line to coach the Texas Longhorns. FOX Sports' Bruce Feldman thinks it is "close to a guarantee," and Texas' most recent loss to Kansas State does nothing to help Charlie Strong's case to keep his job after this season.

Herman was asked about the various reports connecting him to Texas once again today. If he is definitely taking that job, he's done a very good job with his poker face. He says he is done "putting out statements to refute bogus information" about the potential opening with the Longhorns.

Herman is also coming off of a rough loss on Saturday. His Cougars fell to in-state AAC rival SMU 38-16, in what may have quietly been the biggest upset of the weekend. Of course, after last season's huge run and win over Florida State, this season's win over Oklahoma, and his national championship tenure at Ohio State as offensive coordinator, that loss does little to hurt Herman's stock. He is still one of the brightest young coaching candidates in the sport.

It appears that Texas will likely move on from Strong. If it does, Tom Herman is the obvious choice. We'll have to wait a few months to see if both sides make it a reality.