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Video: Memphis QB Jacob Karam Appears On The Chris Vernon Show, Plays Every Song Asked Of Him On Piano

The world is just learning about this guy.

I'll admit - my mind is blown here. The world just learned about Memphis quarterback Jacob Karam's hidden musical talent this week via an incredibly inspirational viral video in which he learns to play Jessie J's "Price Tag" on the piano for a duet with an 11-year old girl battling leukemia. Now, we've got a video of Karam appearing on The Chris Vernon Show, putting his skills to the test.

Karam can apparently play any song you throw at him - seriously. Check this out:

As someone who played piano for numerous years growing up, I'm still blown away by his ability to "learn" a song without sheet music in front of him. I realize that there are other people who exist with his abilities - it's just a rare combination of musical and football talent on display.

Girls - is he the "perfect" guy?