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Miami QB Stephen Morris Upset After Game: "South Florida’s A Dirty Team"

He was not happy.

Earlier today, the Miami Hurricanes beat South Florida by four touchdowns. Afterward, Miami QB Stephen Morris was not happy, saying that he wished the Canes would have dominated even more. He also had some serious complaints about South Florida's sportsmanship.

Per the Palm Beach Post:

“South Florida’s a dirty team. When you’re down and tackled and everyone’s on top, they’re going to try to go for your ankles. We were up three, four touchdowns. Ain’t no point for me to mess with these guys who are going to play dirty.

It is what it is. I wanted to score 70 points on them. They disrespected us, so I had no respect for them. At that point, I felt like we should just keep pushing it, keep killing them."

South Florida is now 0-4 on the year and maybe players were venting some frustration on the field today. Either way, attempting to injure other players is not cool, frustrated or not. You can read all of Morris' comments here.