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Photo: South Florida's Willie Taggart Wears Mechanic's Shirt Symbolizing Blue-Collar Identity

Gettin' after 'em.

Coaches will do just about anything to motivate their players to perform at their highest levels. We've seen a lot of different styles to push athletes. For example, over the weekend we showed you Vanderbilt's head football coach James Franklin wearing a shirt with the word "chip" on the shoulder -- he wanted his team to literally see the mentality that it should have.

Today, we are seeing another interesting coaching tactic in action.

USF head football coach Willie Taggart wore an auto mechanic's shirt to practice to metaphorically represent the blue-collar attitude that he wants his Bulls to have. Here's a picture:

This is definitely a unique way to motivate players, and after a 3-9 record last season, the Bulls need all the motivation they can get. Plus, that's a pretty sweet shirt.