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Report: Willie Taggart Woke Up The USF Team At 3 AM For Practice This Morning

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

Willie Taggart is as unconventional of a coach as you'll find, and that really is an awesome thing.

Today, according to, he woke his football players up at 3:00 a.m. to get ready for an early-morning workout. He met with Ravens coach John Harbaugh last week, who encouraged him to "get his team comfortable with being uncomfortable" -- this is just one crack at accomplishing that:

"I think it was by far one of our best practices since I've been here as head football coach. It was awesome. I was looking to see if we were going to have guys complaining and moaning about coming to practice in the morning. Guys had great attitude, came out and had a lot of energy, flying all around. After today's practice, I'm really, really excited about this football team. I was excited before, but I felt like we took a huge step this morning. Guys were like 'Coach, we should practice this early more often.'

We're trying to put them in as many adverse situations as we can. We have to learn to play no matter what the situation is. I'm really proud of the way the guys not only came out but executed as well.

Taggart said the players were riffing on his traditional "Who has it better than us?" mantra, saying "Who's up earlier than us? Nooooooobody."

It looks like his players are getting on the bus with him -- everyone is getting fired up for football season.