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Undefeated Team Is In Trouble Against One Of The Worst Programs In College Football

South Florida crowd.

It hasn't been a great day for some of the undefeated college football teams. Cincinnati and NC State have already gone down, and now USF football is in trouble.

More disturbingly for Bulls fans, USF is in trouble against the UConn Huskies.

USF has played itself up to No. 21 in the country at 6-0. They haven't gotten as much attention as rival UCF, which ran the table last year, but have still gotten some credit.

The Bulls have had some very close calls, though.

USF pulled a rabbit out of a hat to beat Illinois earlier in the year, 25-19, and did it again against another bad team last week, sneaking by 1-5 Tulsa on the road 25-24.

At the half tonight, USF football is tied at 7-7 with 1-5 UConn.

The Huskies are, by any metric, one of the worst teams in all of FBS football. Their only win on the year came against FCS Rhode Island, and it was a close game.

UConn has surrendered at least 49 points in every game this year. The average score of a Huskies game this year is 53.7-20.3.

There is plenty of time left. This would be a monumental upset if UConn can pull it out though.