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Explanation Behind The Owl, The Temple T And A Glance At Our Fight Song

Here is what you didn't know.

Each institution across the United States is characterized by a particular mascot that represents the college wherever the teams or fan base travel. Each school also has its own unique symbol. For Temple University, we are represented by a cherry and white owl and our famous "Temple T".

As students, we respect that badge of honor and represent our beloved school in north Philadelphia with true pride. (Temple is not as dangerous as people make it out to be, trust me.) Temple is home to one of the most unique colleges in America. Not many students can claim they go/went to a school right in the heart of the fifth biggest city in the country. Temple has a beautiful campus that is ever-growing, providing people with a distinctive feeling when you roam our precincts.

So let me dig deep and explain to some outsiders the basis of our true colors.

What is the reasoning behind the owl?

Temple University began as a night school, leading to the nocturnal Owl being adopted as the University's mascot. The Owls represents wisdom and knowledge and is known for being perceptive, resourceful and courageous. Words that exemplify the way we as the cherry crusade conduct ourselves in and outside the classroom.

Why the Temple T?

The Temple T can be found all around campus and down Broad Street. It is truly the iconic symbol of our university. Whether it is on banners, posters, clothing, cars, turf, or hardwood, everybody knows a "Temple T" when they see one. The T was designed by students in a graphic arts and design class in 1983, representing strength and positive character.

The Temple Theme Song:

The Temple theme song can be heard loud and clear at Temple football and basketball games with the lyrics being anchored by the "Cherry Crusade", otherwise known as Temple's die-hard fan base. The Cherry Crusade is known for decking their bodies out in paint and hoisting up clever, supportive, and sometimes humorous signs throughout the stands.

How does Temple's theme song compare to other universities? Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

"T" for Temple "U"
Fight, fight, fight!
For the Cherry and the White,
For the Cherry and the White,
We'll fight, fight, fight!

We can only hope that song will be sung loud and clear throughout Lincoln Financial field during this weekend's homecoming game vs South Florida.

Note: Some information taken from the Temple University website.