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Temple Is Being Sued By A Student Who Was Kicked Off The Volleyball Team After Reporting That Her Punter Boyfriend Assaulted Her

Unfair treatment?

Temple is involved in a lawsuit, and no, it's not about recruiting violations. It's one of the stranger stories we've heard, and if proved true, one of the most unjust.

Former Temple volleyball player Emily Frazer is suing the university for having her removed from the volleyball team and her scholarship revoked after an incident between her and her ex-boyfriend.

According to the Philly Enquirer, Frazer had broken up with her boyfriend and Owls punter Andrew Cerett. While Frazer was visiting in a fellow student's dorm room, Cerett showed up, forced himself into the room, and began threatening Frazer with words like, "If I can't have you, no one can have you", according to the lawsuit.

The suit states that Emily then escaped the room, and Cerett was restrained by a group of students. He allegedly then punched a window and bloodied the walls as walked down the hall. Police found Cerett, who testified to having taken 19 shots of alcohol before the altercation, hiding elsewhere in the building.

Instead of punishing Cerett, Frazer was kicked off the volleyball team and her full scholarship revoked, the suit states. She was only able to appeal and get back 50% of her scholarship and could not return to her starting position - or any position - on the Temple volleyball team - hence the current lawsuit.