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Alabama Sports Writer Responds To Columnist Who Claimed SEC Should Drop Two Schools For USF, UCF

A few days ago, Orlando Sentinel writer Mike Bianchi penned a column that suggested that the SEC should drop two schools -- Ole Miss and Mississippi State, which Bianchi called "dead weight" -- and replace them with South Florida and UCF. Naturally, people in SEC country weren't happy with these claims. One such person was columnist Kevin Scarbinsky, who published a response today.

Scarbinsky said that he wouldn't blame either school for applying for membership to the SEC, especially because the two "must be desperate to escape the American Athletic Conference." Unfortunately for both schools, should that happen, Scarbinsky thinks the SEC would send them a strongly worded rejection letter. Here's a snippet:

Furthermore, while we appreciate your location in the vibrant (UCF draft) Orlando/ (USF draft) Tampa television market, surely you're aware that the University of Florida, another one of our founding members and the flagship institution in the state, is the most popular program among television viewers in your market.

We don't see the need to add a program in a television market that we already have covered.

The entire column is worth a read, especially if you're a fan of an SEC program. It's a scathing response to a really interesting hypothetical, especially with teams switching conferences on what seems like a yearly basis. Maybe someday, UCF and USF will look for greener pastures, but if Scarbinsky's column is any indication, they won't be welcome in the SEC.