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UCF AD Danny White Is Apoplectic Over Knights' College Football Playoff Ranking

UCF Football players holding a UCF football sign in the air.

ORLANDO, FL - DECEMBER 2: Members of the UCF Knights football team hoist up the school logo after winning the ACC Championship 62-55 against the Memphis Tigers at Spectrum Stadium on December 2, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

UCF is undefeated, is lauded by numerous advanced metrics, and just scored a big win over a very good USF team, and still barely gets any love from the College Football Playoff selection committee.

While most of us are pretty happy that there is now a playoff, vs. the BCS which paired two teams at the end of the year, it has not proven to be any better for Group of Five schools.

Exhibit A: the 2017 UCF Knights. The team was ranked 18th in the year's first selection committee rankings, and in the next four rankings have come in at 18th, 15th, 15th, and tonight, 14th.

UCF is probably not one of the four best teams in college football, but they've done enough to at least warrant consideration for the top 10-12. Athletic director Danny White clearly agrees, because after his team was placed, he went off on Twitter.

UCF is one of just three G5 schools to crack the rankings this week. It faces No. 20 Memphis in what should be a phenomenal AAC Championship Game on Saturday, while Fresno State slides in at No. 25. None will sniff the playoff, and the UCF-Memphis winner is probably destined for the G5's one New Year's Six slot.

Pretty much every other ranking system has more respect for the Knights. The AP poll has them at No. 12. The Coaches' Poll: No. 11. S&P+, a measure of efficiency based on five important factors of college football, has UCF at No. 8 in the country. Maybe UCF doesn't deserve a playoff nod, but it doesn't deserve to be a complete afterthought buried with three-loss teams either.