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Lindsey Duke's Google Search Numbers Are Nearly Double That Of Blake Bortles

Tonight, former UCF quarterback Blake Bortles could be taken in the first round of the NFL Draft, should just one team find him to be worth a gamble on at the next level. But the real star of the occasion could be his girlfriend, Lindsey Duke, who rose to fame this past season after video from an aXis shoot, in which she wore UCF gear, went viral. In fact, after checking out Google search statistics for 2014, it looks like she's actually searched for nearly twice as much as Bortles himself.

This year, Duke has been searched for an average of 368,000 times per month, while Bortles sits with an average of 201,000. For comparison, Katherine Webb, fiance of former Alabama quaterback AJ McCarron, was searched for an average of 246,000 times.

So in short, Duke is already getting the love online, but an appearance during tonight's broadcast could skyrocket her fame. We'll be watching - as will marketing reps.