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Video: Sumatran Tiger Hadiah From The Phoenix Zoo Picks UCF Over Baylor In The Fiesta Bowl

A lock?

No matter how hard I try or how much college football I watch, I'll never be as good at picking games as Hadiah, the Sumatran Tiger at the Phoenix Zoo. Hadiah makes several bowl picks each year (she correctly predicted the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl three days ago) and she's crazily accurate -- of course, she had to pick this year's Fiesta Bowl matchup between UCF and Baylor that will be played in Glendale.

Two boxes, labeled with team logos, were set out in her exhibi. Both were filled equally with fish and other meat -- whichever team's box she elects to eat from tends to perform pretty well. Here's her Fiesta Bowl pick:

In other animal bowl-picking news, Flipper the dolphin has picked Clemson over Ohio State in the Orange Bowl.