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Boston College Player In Grayson Allen Video Weighs In On Whether He Was Tripped

Boston College player Connar Tava has weighed in on the Grayson Allen video trending Saturday.

Duke handled Boston College on the hardwood on Saturday afternoon, but per usual, after the contest, all anyone could talk about was Blue Devils star Grayson Allen. Allen, who was suspended earlier in the year for tripping an opponent, was involved in a questionable altercation against the Eagles.

In the video below, Allen gets tangled up with Boston College forward Connar Tava. Allen swings his leg back in strange fashion. Many wonder if it was on purpose.

Well, Tava has weighed in on the situation. His response? “Can’t stop won’t stop.” He’s either a big Young Gunz fan or he thinks Allen did it on purpose.

Tava is also a bit annoyed that he’s being referred to as “someone” rather than by his name.

It’ll be interesting to see if Duke addresses it. We’ll find out soon.

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