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Boston College's New Mantra For Football Recruits Is "Be A Dude"


Now it all makes sense -- last week, we showed you a video of Boston College head football coach Steve Addazio praising former BC great Matt Ryan by saying "Now that's a dude." While we got his point that Ryan is an extremely successful football player, we had no idea that the comment was connected to a message that Addazio is sending to recruits: Be A Dude.

Yes, this appears to be one of the strangest new recruiting pitches in college football, but Addazio is selling it well. Addazio is capitalizing on his "cool" perception, and letting recruits know that they keep it real in Chestnut Hill. The 2014 recruiting class for the Eagles already goes 20 deep, and is currently ranked as the 19th best class by Rivals.

Here's an image that was tweeted out by BC's running backs coach, Al Washington, that shares the "Be A Dude" slogan:

If nothing else, it's pretty funny, and actually a refreshing change of pace from a lot of the standard recruiting pitches. Good work, Coach.