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Alabama Fans Are Not Happy With Shaq Lawson Constantly Lining Up Offsides

Shaq Lawson lined up offsides during title game.


Clemson's Shaq Lawson has found an interesting way to deal with the knee injury that kept him questionable during the lead up to tonight's National Championship: just line up in the neutral zone every play. Lawson has already done this on at least three plays, and has only been penalized by the Pac-12 referee crew once. 

">January 12, 2016

Alabama fans, as you can imagine, aren't happy.

">January 12, 2016

">January 12, 2016

They have a point. They don't seem to be quite as bothered after Derrick Henry's monster touchdown run moments ago. The Tide lead 7-0 in the first qyarter.