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An Estimated $10 Million Changed Hands On Clemson's Final Touchdown

Alabama just wrapped up its fourth national title in seven seasons, 45-40 over Clemson. The Crimson Tide were favored by a touchdown heading into the game, and appeared to be ready to cover that spread when Derrick Henry scored on a 1-yard touchdown with 1:07 left, putting 'Bama up 45-33.

But Clemson marched downfield against Alabama's prevent defense, scoring on a 24-yard pass from Deshaun Watson to Jordan Leggett with 12 seconds remaining. Because of that ultimately meaningless late touchdown, Clemson ended up covering the spread and a tremendous amount of betting money changed hands.

According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, approximately $10 million to be exact. 

">January 12, 2016

Wow. You can bet there were people around the country cheering and others cursing as Leggett crossed the goal line.