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ESPN's Matchup Predictor Predicts Clemson's 2017 Record

Will the Clemson Tigers be able to repeat as national champions in 2017? Let's take a look at what ESPN thinks.

The Clemson Tigers won their second national title last year behind the brilliant play of quarterback Deshaun Watson. But with Watson now headed to the NFL, many wonder just how good the team will look as it attempts to defend its title.

ESPN's 'Matchup Predictor' is now out for every college football game this season. So, how does it think the Tigers will do?

Well, if you're assuming that the odds hold, the Tigers will finish 11-1. Tigers fans won't be thrilled to see which team they're predicted to lose to.

Week 1: Clemson has a 98.8% chance to defeat Kent State

Week 2: Clemson has a 52.5% chance to defeat Auburn

Week 3: Clemson has a 55.8% chance to defeat Louisville

Week 4: Clemson has a 95.4% chance to defeat Boston College

Week 5: Clemson has a 74.2% chance to defeat Virginia Tech

Week 6: Clemson has a 92.2% chance to defeat Wake Forest

Week 7: Clemson has a 81.7% chance to defeat Syracuse

Week 8: Clemson has a 88.4% chance to defeat Georgia Tech

Week 9: Clemson has a 63.9% chance to defeat NC State

Week 10: Florida State has a 56% chance to defeat Clemson

Week 11: Clemson has a 99.1% chance to defeat The Citadel

Week 12: Clemson has a 75% chance to defeat South Carolina

Should these results actually hold, Clemson would have a tough time playing in the ACC title game - unless of course Florida State lost two league games.

What do you think of ESPN's prediction, Tigers fans?