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Photo: Clemson Adds Four New Tombstones To Football Graveyard

The Tigers added four new tombstones to their football graveyard after taking down four ranked teams on the road.

Clemson has placed four more tombstones in its football graveyard as of Wednesday, according to Nikki Hood of TigerNet. A tombstone is placed for every road win the Tigers earn over a ranked opponent.

In 2016, they defeated No. 12 Florida State in the regular season, No. 23 Virginia Tech in the ACC championship game, No. 2 Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl and No. 1 Alabama in the National Championship game. As a result, all four of those teams have tombstones in a graveyard near the Clemson practice facility.

Here are what Ohio State's and Alabama's headstones look like:

Pretty awesome. Here's the entire graveyard:

Under head coach Dabo Swinney, the Tigers have added nine tombstones to the graveyard. According to the Clemson football official website, the Tigers have recorded "73 wins over AP or USA Today ranked teams." The 35-31 victory over Alabama in the national title game was the Tigers' first road win over a No. 1 ranked opponent in the program's history.