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This Chromed Out Clemson Concept Helmet Is A Thing Of Beauty

This concept helmet is much different than Clemson's traditional helmet, that is for sure.

Do concept helmets every get old? The answer is no. This Clemson concept helmet is something special that you've got to take a look at.

Clemson wore its purple uniforms last week against Syracuse and these certainly would've been a nice touch to round out the look.

In all honesty though, these would go well with any Clemson uniform combination you can think of. The all-white uniforms with this chromed out purple lid would look downright mean. An orange jersey with purple pants and this helmet could quite possibly be named the flyest uniform combination in all of college football.

And yes, we're looking at you Oregon.

Chromed out helmets usually get a mixed review from people, but this one is subtle enough with the traditional team logo that it's hard not to like.