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Photo: Clemson Fan Neighbor Of ESPN's Marty Smith Threw His Remote Through His TV

A Clemson fan broke his television during a game.


One Clemson fan was so mad about the Tigers' loss to Pitt, that he threw his remote directly through his television screen.

Clemson's loss doesn't cost the Tigers a chance to play for the ACC Championship, and it might not even knock them out of the College Football Playoff hunt. It does, however, mean that one Tiger fan needs to make a trip to Best Buy in the morning.

ESPN's Marty Smith tweeted a picture of his neighbor's television. The neighbor, a "Clemson fanatic," spiked his remote through his TV screen after Chris Blewitt hit the huge kick to send the Panthers past his Tigers.

That's an expensive field goal.

With the loss, Clemson falls to 9-1 on the season. It holds a big tiebreaker over Louisville in the ACC Atlantic however, and with the Cardinals currently losing at home to Wake Forest, its very likely that Clemson will go to the Championship Game. If the Tigers win it, it may be hard to keep a 12-1 Power Five conference champion out of the College Football Playoff. We'll learn a bit more Tuesday when the new rankings come out.