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Video: Clemson Football Performs Its Own Carpool Karaoke

We all dance and sing in the car, but we hardly ever record it. Thank goodness we have Clemson football players to show us how it's done.

James Corden of The Late Late Show and his carpool karaoke sessions with superstars like Adele, Justin Bieber and many others has exploded in pop-culture. Members of the Clemson football team decided they wanted to get in on the act and show the world their talents in their own version of carpool karaoke.

The video starts off with defensive lineman Christian Wilkins doing his best solo act rocking to Miley Cyrus' Party In The USA. Quarterback Deshaun Watson hops in the car and as soon as the tune gets turned back up, a huge smile comes to his face and he can't keep from moving.

It really is a contagious tune.

The dance moves really come out when Chainsmokers' Closer comes on. The car later gets filled with teammates and music from all across the board gets played.

Well done, Clemson Tigers.