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Clemson Football Staff Provides Aid To Victim Of Car Accident That Occurred Near Practice

Several members of the Clemson football staff assisted a car crash victim on Tuesday night.

Shortly after Clemson football finished up its practice on Tuesday night, head coach Dabo Swinney was addressing the team when a collision was heard close to the practice field. From there the Clemson football staff sprung into action.


Seconds after the second collision, it was apparent that a car was sliding down the side of the steep embankment. The car and passenger, Clary Miles, fell approximately 100 feet down the hill coming to rest about 20 feet from the Seneca River that surrounds the Clemson football practice fields.

Upon hearing the car sliding down the hill, all Clemson players, coaches, and personnel rushed to the edge of the river. Student managers Jack Wardlaw and Jack Sari, student athletic trainers Scott Crowthers and Bailey Black, student coach Daniel Boyd and student videographer Eric Suttles, all swam across the river to reach Miles. Boyd and Suttles are military veterans.

Swinney and the team gathered in prayer while the students removed Miles from the car, and they remained with him until an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital.

Miles, a freshman, works in the university's football office, and he's also a former high school classmate of Clemson wide receiver Will Swinney.

“When we got to the edge of the water I think our entire team was ready to jump in and help, but I held them off (blew his whistle) to let those who were experienced in this area go across,” said Swinney, per

“This accident became personal very quickly. I have known Clary since he was eight years old. I am just thankful we were out there and could get to him quickly and direct the EMS to where he was. It might have been a while before anyone found him had we not been there.”

Miles is currently in the hospital recovering from his injuries.