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Clemson LB Ben Boulware Calls Out Twitter Troll, 3 Years Later, Regarding His Success

Ben Boulware tweet.

ben boulware takes on twitter troll

Clemson junior linebacker Ben Boulware, a former four-star recruit, has accomplished a great deal in his short career. Monday, he made sure that one of his doubters recognized that fact.

Boulware, who was named Orange Bowl defensive MVP after his performance against Oklahoma, tweeted out a list of his accomplishments and tagged a Twitter troll who told him, back in 2012, that he would never even start for the Tigers.


— Ben Boulware (@benboulware7)

ACC champ, Orange Bowl MVP, 1st Team All-ACC...I hope you didn't think I was going to forget

— Ben Boulware (@benboulware7) January 25, 2016

">January 25, 2016

Boulware likely still has one goal left in college - to win a national title. We'll see if he can prove everyone wrong again in 2016.