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Clemson Releases Video That Spoofs OC Chad Morris' Obsession With Tempo

It's no secret - up-tempo offenses are all the rage in college football. Auburn, a team that finished 0-8 in the SEC in 2012, rode an insanely-productive hurry-up offense to within one minute of a national championship in 2013. But the Tigers aren't the only program that has had success with it over the past few years - schools like Baylor, Oregon, Arizona and Clemson have also terrorized opposing defenses.

It would appear that the Clemson Tigers want to make sure that they're known as a place where offensive players can play fast. The school released a spoof video that shows offensive coordinator Chad Morris drinking mass amounts of the energy drink Red Bull while trying to explain some complicated offensive scheme. There's even an Ace Ventura reference at some point in there.

Morris made headlines last year when he criticized then-quarterback Tajh Boyd for not playing fast enough during the team's opening victory over Georgia. It looks like Clemson is all-in on the tempo trend.