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Video: Clemson Scores The Weirdest Touchdown Of The 2016 Season

Clemson players celebrating a touchdown.

Clemson scored perhaps the most bizarre touchdown of the 2016 college football season on Saturday.

Clemson is turning in a quality performance against South Carolina State, but the Bulldogs haven't exactly made things easy for themselves either. The Tigers' third touchdown came in very strange fashion.

With Clemson already up 14-0, Greg Huegel kicked off for the Tigers - sending the ball into the end zone. South Carolina State's Ahmaad Harris, who wanted to down the ball for a touchback, forgot to take a knee before flipping the ball to the referee.

Clemson, after a scrum, emerged with the ball and a touchdown. Check it all out:

Clemson is up 45-0 at halftime. This one is over.