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Dabo Swinney Has Brutally Honest Comment On Transfer Portal

Clemson Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney against Notre Dame.

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA - DECEMBER 19: Head coach Dabo Swinney of the Clemson Tigers reacts in the first half against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish during the ACC Championship game at Bank of America Stadium on December 19, 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Dabo Swinney is known for speaking his mind - bluntly - and the Clemson Tigers head coach certainly did that when it comes to the NCAA transfer portal.

The national title-winning head coach made it very clear that he isn't a huge fan of the transfer portal, as he prefers recruiting out of high school and developing players for several years.

“Nothing has changed,” Swinney said. “But I just know that the landscape is different, and I want to be well positioned and I want to have an infrastructure in place that’s going to help us continue to compete to be the best.

“Our philosophy has always been to recruit high school kids. … We haven’t gone the transfer route – now the portal – ever, to address the needs of our team. We’ve just always taken a lot of pride in our evaluation of high school kids, and then our development of those kids. We’ve always been a developmental program. That’s not ever going to change. That philosophy’s always going to be in place.”

247Sports analyst Josh Pate praised Swinney for what he said.

“All he articulated was what every head coach feels, maybe with a few exceptions,” Pate said. “This is what they all feel. They all fancy themselves as an operation that can recruit at a high level and develop. They take a lot of pride in development, at the big boy programs especially. That’s what they pitch. That’s everything about them. They have no reason not to develop you. They should. That’s a hallmark. It’s a developmental sport. Here’s the mindset. If you’re doing that the right way and developing them, you shouldn’t have a ton of holes on your roster.”

It's certainly worked for Swinney and the Tigers so far.

At some point, though, Clemson and the rest of the 'big boys' will likely become major players in the transfer market, if they aren't already.