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BTN's Alex Roux Was Not Overly Impressed With Dabo Swinney's Visit To Syracuse Locker Room

Dabo Swinney speaks at a Clemson press conference.

dabo swinney/Youtube

Dabo Swinney apparently went into the Syracuse locker room to congratulate the players after the game.

Last night, Syracuse upset Clemson on Friday night, 27-24, and after the game head coach Dabo Swinney made sure to congratulate his opponents.

According to Syracuse linebacker Zaire Franklin, Swinney came into the Syracuse locker room to give kudos to the players for their efforts, even singling out Steve Ishmael for his excellent play.

Check it out:

But not everyone thought it was a classy move, and according to BTN's Alex Roux, the gesture came off as a little patronizing.

It definitely depends on how you look at it, but I have to admit it does feel a bit condescending for Swinney to do that. There's something a bit odd about going into the Syracuse's locker room and heaping praise on the players as if they need to know from Swinney himself how big of a deal it is that they won; the players are already aware of that. It doesn't come off as humility, but rather arrogance.

But then again, maybe he was just trying to give the players props for a well-executed game plan—they certainly deserve credit for it.