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ESPN Computer Says These Teams Have The Best Chance Of Going Unbeaten

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What's the surest way to insert yourself into the College Football Playoff race? An undefeated regular season.

Going 12-0 isn't a guarantee you will make the Playoff--just ask Wisconsin and Iowa--but it is a pretty good thing to have on your resume.

ESPN has updated its FPI predictions for next season. One of the metrics the computer uses to sort teams is likelihood of winning out.

Five teams have at least a seven percent chance of running the table. Three of those teams have a double-digit percentage.

Clemson is the overwhelming top choice to go undefeated, followed by Alabama, Notre Dame, Georgia and Washington.

ESPN's five teams with the best chance of going undefeated.

One of those five teams--Notre Dame--famously isn't in a conference. The Irish would have to hope a 12-0 regular season with no conference title game would be enough to get them in the playoff (it should).

Alabama and Georgia could easily play each other in the SEC Championship Game. Meanwhile, Clemson and Washington are overwhelming favorites in the ACC and Pac-12.

You can view all of ESPN's FPI here.