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ESPN's Heather Dinich Takes Shot At Guessing Which 4 Teams Would Be In The Playoff Today

Which four teams would be in the College Football Playoff if it were unveiled tomorrow?

It's important to remember that the College Football Playoff committee takes both record and strength of schedule into account when selecting which four teams will be given a chance to play for it all at the end of the season. ESPN's Heather Dinich is here to remind us of that on Monday.

Dinich was asked which four teams she thinks the committee would place 1-4 in the rankings, if they were unveiled today. Dinich guessed Alabama, TCU, Georgia and Clemson.

Of course, Clemson is not undefeated - it lost to unranked Syracuse last Friday night. Meanwhile, teams like Penn State, Wisconsin and Miami have yet to drop a game.

However, Dinich notes that Clemson's schedule has been more difficult than that of some other contenders. Clemson's wins against Auburn, Louisville and Virginia Tech stack up favorably.

Either way, we'll get our first look at the rankings two weeks from Monday. A lot can happen between now and then.