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Finebaum: ESPN's 'Clemson Owns The SEC' Claim Is 'Outrageous'

Paul Finebaum makes comments about roy Williams.

Clemson has firmly established itself as being on par with Alabama over the last four years. The Tigers are 2-2 against the Tide and 2-1 in national title games.

But ESPN's Chris Low took things a step further in an article earlier today. In it, he said Clemson "owns" the SEC.

Low cited the Tigers' strong record (13-5) against the conference since 2012.

“For the second straight season, Clemson has two nonconference games against SEC foes -- Texas A&M at home and South Carolina on the road. Dabo Swinney is 13-5 against SEC teams since the start of the 2012 season, which includes five wins over South Carolina, three wins over Auburn, two wins over Alabama and wins over Georgia, LSU and Texas A&M.”

ESPN radio host Paul Finebaum disagrees with Low's take. That probably doesn't surprise you, since you know how strong of an SEC supporter Finebaum is.

However, it is a little noteworthy how strongly he rebuked the idea in an interview with

“It’s a completely misleading and outrageous proposition,” Finebaum told “A preponderance of those wins from the gaudy statistic are against one school - South Carolina, which has been in transition.”

[ ... ]

“A more intellectual way of approaching this would be to ponder what the record would be if Clemson had to play an SEC schedule with road games at Alabama and LSU opposed to Wake Forest and Boston College,” Finebaum explained.

No one is arguing that the SEC isn't an overall stronger league than the ACC right now, particularly with Florida State and Louisville on a down swing and Miami taking a step back in 2018. On that note, Finebaum has a point.

Still, you can't look at what Clemson has done to Alabama recently and look at some of the other (non-South Carolina) SEC teams they have beaten and not be impressed.

It is them and 'Bama and then everyone else in the country.