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You Can Run Down The Hill At Clemson In This 360-Degree Interactive Video

Have you ever wanted to run down the hill at Clemson? Well now you can, sort of.

The tradition of running down the hill at Clemson's Memorial Stadium is one of the best traditions in all of college football.

Death Valley is one of the loudest stadiums in all the land week in and week out, but for the Tigers matchup against Louisville this past Saturday it was at its peak.

How electric was it when the team touched Howard's Rock and scampered down the hill? You can feel it - and hear it - in this 360-degree interactive video.

If you've never seen one of these before and are watching on your mobile device simply drag your finger across the screen to change your view. On your desktop drag the screen using your mouse.

This video definitely shows us that the hill has some serious incline to it. It's like a bunny slope at a ski resort.

Clemson topped Louisville 42-36 on Saturday.