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Kirk Herbstreit: Clemson Is The Best Team In The Country

Kirk Herbstreit had a scorching hot take today on College GameDay, revealing that he thinks Clemson is a better team than Alabama.

College GameDay is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana today where it's only 65 degrees out at the moment, but things warmed up pretty quickly when Kirk Herbstreit delivered this heater of a take straight from the hip:

Oh dear. The immediate reaction from the other analysts was mostly confusion. Herbstreit isn't Skip Bayless, you know, he's a pretty reasonable guy who usually says good and true things.

Herbstreit cited the Tigers' high-level play on both offense and defense as what makes them the best "total package" team in the country, while fellow analyst Desmond Howard was quick to point out the frequent turnovers and lack of consistent play from the Tigers.

It's splitting hairs to pick apart Clemson, a team that's 8-0 and one of the best in the country, but Alabama is the consensus No. 1 team in the nation and has been absolutely dominant in every game, so any time someone challenges that notion it's going to be met with some skepticism.

We'll keep you posted if Herbstreit fires off any more blistering takes.