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Kirk Herbstreit Reveals His 2016 College Football Playoff Foursome

Kirk Herbstreit talking on ESPN.

Kirk Herbstreit's predictions for the 2016 College Football Playoff field feature three unsurprising picks, and one darkhorse.

College football fans are used to Kirk Herbstreit's predictions. The ESPN personality updates his college football playoff field on a weekly basis during the season. Today, he dropped his preseason CFP forecast.

Appearing on ESPN Radio's Russillo and Kanell, Herbstreit revealed the four teams he has making this year's College Football Playoff: Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State are locked in, and he's close to certain on TCU being the fourth team.

Clemson: “I’m going to have Clemson, who I think’s going to go on to win the championship. That has everything to do with one guy. I hate to put it all on him, but Deshaun Watson, to me, is just a freak.”

Alabama: “I would pick Alabama out of the SEC, because of another one guy. That is Nick Saban.”

Ohio State: “I think Ohio State still comes out of the Big Ten. I think J.T. Barrett, despite all their [personnel] losses, will kind of allow Ohio State to be able to maneuver through their schedule and get there to win a Big Ten Championship.”

TCU: “Those three I feel pretty good about. The fourth team I think I’m going to go TCU out of the Big 12. It’s either a Pac-12 team or TCU. Right now, I’m leaning towards TCU as my fourth team to get in.”

We suppose Herbie could change his mind on the Horned Frogs before he tapes his annual "Herbie" awards show. However, he was probably the only guy picking Oklahoma to make the CFP in the preseason last year, so he's been right before going off the beaten path.

College football fans, how do you feel about Herbstreit's predictions? Did he nail them, or is he way off?