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Mark Richt Denies Writing Trash Talk Letter To Clemson Fan Following Win

Deadspin ran a post earlier today about a Clemson fan named Travis who had written a letter to Georgia coach Mark Richt about how his Tigers "would blow those hedges away" at Sanford Stadium. Instead, Georgia blew the Tigers away, and Travis received a letter that appeared to be a response from Richt. Taken at face value, it is amazing:

Of course, Richt himself chimed in on Twitter and closed this mystery very quickly. He says that the letter wasn't from him.

">September 4, 2014

The letter appears to be in response to a long screed posted by Travis on the Clemson fan message board TigerNet, in which he calls the high rankings for various top programs, including Georgia, "unjustified." This leads us to believe that a Georgia fan found his rant, and decided to have some fun after the Dawgs' blowout win.

Assuming that Richt is telling the truth, and is not a TigerNet reader, this is a bit disappointing. Seeing coaches get fired up after big wins is always fun, and we'd love to see what Todd Gurley could do if Clemson wasn't a good game for him.