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Paul Finebaum Takes Another Shot At Clemson's Fan Base

Paul Finebaum makes comments about roy Williams.

Paul Finebaum is tired of hearing from Clemson fans.

The Clemson Tigers finished the 2017 college football season on top, which, predictably, has made fans of the program a bit overzealous. ESPN's Paul Finebaum doesn't appear to be thrilled with the actions of some in the group.

Finebaum, who criticized Clemson fans earlier in the week for putting Dabo Swinney in the same category as Nick Saban, poked fun at the fact that the Tigers have won only one recent national championship on Twitter.

Clemson, for the record, has won two overall.

Earlier in the week, Finebaum said he's never seen a more "intoxicated" fan base in his life.

Considering how hard it is to win a national title in college football, many have criticized Finebaum's tweet.

Finebaum is never shy to criticize specific fan bases - he's been going off on Michigan as well since Jim Harbaugh's arrival.

Regardless, Clemson fans have been waiting three decades for this - so don't expect them to calm down any time soon.