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Photo: Clemson Fan Rises Out Of Wheelchair To Cheer On Team Vs. Louisville

On Saturday, there were thousands of Clemson fans on their feet cheering as the No. 5 Tigers beat No. 3 Louisville in Death Valley.

But there was one particular Clemson fan whose standing presence meant more than anyone else. Sixteen-year-old Logan Wires, who has cerebral palsy, rose up out of his wheelchair during a critical juncture of the game.

Logan's father, Bill, shared his son's story on Facebook.

In an interview with CBS Sports, Bill Wires went into greater detail regarding just how big Logan's gesture was.

According to Wires, Logan held onto the rail for support and stood without assistance, which was a huge moment for the family.

"Logan, his brother Carson, and I attend all of the home games. Logan has cerebral palsy. It affects his legs, hands and trunk muscles. Cognitively, he attends regular school, takes honors classes, loves Jesus, and is the biggest Clemson fan ever," Bill Wires told CBS Sports.

"He occasionally is made to stand with assistance during therapy sessions, but it is rare for him to attempt to do it on his own and only for a few minutes with assistance. He cannot stand without assistance. Saturday night, he decided -- on his own -- that along with his normal cheering, he also needed to stand."

What an incredible story.

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