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Photo: Clemson's Countdown Clock For South Carolina Reads "0-5"

South Carolina fans, whose Gamecocks have won the past five matchups on the football field against the Clemson Tigers, have a tradition of throwing up a "five-bomb" in celebration of their program's dominance of the rivalry over the past half-decade. It turns out they don't even need to though - the Tigers are already reminding themselves of the unfortunate statistic on a daily basis.

Here's a photo of Clemson's countdown clock until the next game against the Gamecocks - scheduled for November 29th of this year. Along with the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds left until it starts, it has a giant "0-5" graphic. 

We saw Alabama head coach Nick Saban use a similar tactic to motivate his players last year - he showed nonstop footage of Texas A&M (the lone loss for the Tide the year prior) in the weight room ahead of last season. We'll see if 2014 is the year the Tigers finally break the streak.