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Photo: Fans Are Fighting Each Other In The Stands As Clemson Blows Out The Hurricanes

Update: One of the men in the photo has contacted us. He claims that his son, who is wearing white in the picture, is actually a Clemson fan who'd had drinks thrown on him by Miami supporters. The man, who is a Hurricanes fan, claims that he was trying to protect his son. 

Earlier: Miami's football fans have a lot to be angry about. The Hurricanes are currently losing to Clemson, 28-0, and The U appears to be well on its way to losing at least three games for the 11th straight season. 

Some Miami fans are apparently taking out their frustration on each other. 

A fight broke out in the stands at Sun Life Stadium and it seems to be between Hurricane fans. 

">October 24, 2015

The state of Miami's football program is...not great.