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Photo: South Carolina Fan Pranks His Son, A Clemson Grad, By Putting Gamecocks Logo On Diploma

As we noted earlier this week, the South Carolina vs. Clemson rivalry is one of the best in college football. For fans living in the state of South Carolina, it can sometimes even cause a "house divided" - meaning some family members root for one school while some root for the other. This week, we found (via 247 Sports) a great example of how strong this rivalry can really be, even in one household.

A South Carolina fan, who gave us permission to use the below photos but not to release his family's name, played a very amusing prank on one of his sons, who just graduated from Clemson this year. The father took his diploma, made a copy of it, and put a Gamecocks logo over the Clemson University seal. Check it out:

Thankfully, he only put the SC logo on the copy, not the original. Still, it's a strong move - and one that probably got quite a reaction.

So beware, college football fans who are debating attending their father's alma mater's biggest rival. He may let you go there, but he certainly won't let you ever forget about it.