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Photo: This Clemson Superfan Has A Car Covered In Bible References And Over 100 Tigers Logos

This is really something.

Every once in a while, fans are offered a measuring stick to see how their fandom really compares to some of the other die-hards in the stands. Today's example comes from Clemson, South Carolina, where one Tigers fan has gone above and beyond his duties as a supporter to let the world know which college football team he roots for.

Assuming the other side of the car looks similar to the one shown in the picture (why you'd think otherwise, I have no idea), there are well over 100 Clemson logos on this car, including one giant Tiger decal on the driver's side door. Throw in some bible references and an orange "Rollin' for "Jesus"" sticker and you've got yourself a pretty interesting ride.

We're guessing he's a hit at the tailgate parties...

[Lost Lettermen]