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Photos: Clemson Fans Dye, Groom Their Dog To Look Like A Tiger

If I told you that fans of a college football team dyed and groomed their dog to look exactly like their favorite program's mascot, you'd probably tell me that they'd have to be supporters of an SEC squad. Not so. Clemson fans are behind what you see in the below photos, which show a dog made to look exactly like the school's mascot, a tiger. Truth be told, they did an incredible job.


— Gerry Hamilton (@HamiltonESPN)

This is great... At Clemson

— Gerry Hamilton (@HamiltonESPN) May 16, 2014

">May 16, 2014

">May 16, 2014

As for the name, we like Tiger-Dog. Though we still think Clemson is fine with its current mascot - we're guessing an actual tiger is far more ferocious than this guy.