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Photos: Howard's Rock Vandalized, Clemson Police Investigating


Sometimes, college sports fans go too far when attempting to get the best of their rivals. The recent vandalism of Howard's Rock at Clemson might be another unfortunate example.

The school has released a statementtonight that between June 2nd and June 3rd, Howard's Rock, a big symbol of the Tigers' football tradition, was vandalized.

"We take vandalism, especially of such an important part of our history, very seriously," said Director of Athletics Dan Radakovich. "Police are investigating."

In fact, if you look at pictures people have been posting online, a giant chunk of the stone is missing. Here are some before/after shots.

What a shame. First, Harvey Updyke poisons the oak trees at Toomer's Corner, now we've got this. All I can say is that I hope they catch whoever is responsible.

You can read more on the backstory of Howard's Rock here.

[Lost Lettermen]