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Scott Van Pelt Spars With Tigers Fans Over "Little Ole Clemson" Comment

Scott Van Pelt talks about the College Football Playoff.


After four straight ACC titles, four straight College Football Playoff appearances and two national titles, Clemson has become a bonafide powerhouse in college football. But while some Clemson fans still see the Tigers as an underdog, ESPN's Scott Van Pelt is dismissing the idea.

Over the weekend, Van Pelt, who recently did a segment on the topic, took several Clemson fans to task on Twitter for justifying their school being referred to as anything other than a juggernaut. He made it clear several times that Clemson is now a college football powerhouse and should be thought of as such.

Check it out:

While some fans pointed out Clemson's low enrollment compared to some of their rivals, Van Pelt wasn't buying the argument. He noted that Clemson is one of many schools that have lower enrollment or play in a small town.

Van Pelt made it clear that the Tigers should not need to use an underdog mentality to motivate themselves.

It's tough to argue that Clemson isn't a legitimate powerhouse anymore.

On top of their aforementioned accomplishments, the Tigers have made it to 14 straight bowl games, and have won a bowl game in six of their last seven seasons.

Combine that with the team having a seemingly endless crop of elite quarterback prospects coming in to play for them, and it looks as though the Tigers will be an elite product on the field for a very long time.