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South Carolina's Head Coach Tweeted A Message To Clemson's Injured Star

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(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

The Gamecocks' head coach tweeted a heartfelt message to the Tigers' injured star.

Clemson's men's basketball team had a tough weekend. The Tigers lost their game and lost star senior Donte Grantham to a season-ending injury.

Grantham, one of the top forwards in the ACC, suffered a torn ACL in the loss to Notre Dame. His career with the Tigers is over.

“I’m disappointed that Donte’s career at Clemson had to end this way,” head coach Brad Brownell said. “He was putting together a terrific season statistically, but he really helps this team in so many ways. He has been a pleasure to coach and it has been fun to watch him mature and grow into the leader of our program.

“He is still a very valuable member of this team, whose leadership will continue to power this team moving forward. I’m confident he will attack this setback the right way and come back stronger than ever from this injury. He certainly has an exceptionally bright future in basketball.”

Brownell wasn't the only coach to speak highly of Grantham in the wake of his injury. The head coach of Clemson's rival, South Carolina, also spoke out.

Gamecocks' head coach Frank Martin wrote a heartfelt message to Grantham on Twitter. He praised his work ethic and told him that he'll be back.

"My heart goes out to you. You have worked your tail off and it’s not supposed to be like this. However remember there is always a plan. Keep the faith and keep leading your team," Martin wrote.

Grantham responded, thanking the rival coach for his kind words. "Just gotta stay tough and like you said continue leading my team."

It's great to see this. Clemson and South Carolina often dislike each other, but it's clearly a respectable dislike.