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Watch: The Taiwanese Animation Recap Of Clemson's Win Over Alabama Is Delightfully Absurd

Nick Saban and a Clemson player in an animation.

YouTube/TomoNews Funnies

The Taiwanese animation team at Tomo News is back with a recap of last night's Clemson-Alabama national championship.

Clemson won a classic national championship showdown with Alabama last night, 35-31, in the first title game rematch in college football history.

Naturally, the Taiwanese animators from TomoNews were all over it. It didn't take too long for them to whip up some animated magic to recap the game, and as usual, it is totally ridiculous.

For those keeping score, we have:

-Tiny Jalen Hurts and giant Deshaun Watson

-Lots of random punches to the groin

-Lee Corso riding in on a scooter and transforming in an Alabama helmet-wearing elephant

-Reuben Foster ripping Deshaun Watson's head off (and putting it back on)

-Bo Scarbrough turning into a bulldozer

-Wayne Gallman as a train. Train Gallman?

-Nick Saban getting punted from his throne (a toilet seat) by a dabbing Watson

On the scale of Taiwanese animation sports videos, this one is actually sort of tame, but it is still pretty ridiculous.