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Former Clemson QB Tajh Boyd: Fans Should Appreciate 'What We Got Now'

Former Clemson star Tajh Boyd thinks fans are looking too far into the future.

Clemson has the No. 2 quarterback prospect for 2017 on their roster (Hunter Johnson) and the No. 1 QB prospect for 2018 on the way (Trevor Lawrence), so naturally a lot of fans are taking starting QB Kelly Bryant for granted this season.

That apparently doesn't sit well with former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd, and he tweeted in support of Bryant earlier today, writing "Everybody's so focused on what's next and not appreciating what we got now smh."

Check it out:

And to be honest, both sides are right here, as Clemson fans have a reason to be excited for the future and Boyd has a legitimate gripe.

With two talented young guys, it's hard not to look ahead and fantasize about the prospects of another national championship ushered in by a star quarterback. Clemson fans naturally want another Deshaun Watson, a player who was everything you could want in a quarterback and a person.

But at the same time, the Tigers are still ranked No. 5 in the nation going into the season this year. Kelly Bryant is the starting quarterback for a reason, and while Watson is a tough (impossible?) act to follow, Bryant still deserves everyone's confidence. It'd be dumb to blow off this season simply for a future that is totally unproven, especially when we've yet to see Bryant in full command of the offense.

And who knows, maybe he'll go off for 350 through the air and 150 0n the ground this Saturday like Boyd says.

The Tigers open their season on Sept. 2 against Kent State.