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Tim Brando Reveals Preseason Top 10

Fox Sports broadcaster Tim Brando is the latest media member to drop a college football preseason Top 10. The long-time play-by-play man and radio host revealed his list on Twitter this afternoon.

Unsurprisingly, Brando has Clemson and its star quarterback Deshaun Watson No. 1 overall. It is after that where things get interesting.

Tim Brando is high on the SEC and the Big Ten this season.

">August 1, 2016 This is my final preseason poll. Ill only adjust after week 1 of the season. Remember, my picks are projected finishes, not a starting grid.

">August 1, 2016

Again, Clemson at No. 1 makes total sense. Even Oklahoma at No. 2 isn't particularly noteworthy. However, having Michigan and LSU at 3 and 4 ahead of Alabama is sure of raise a few eyebrows. In a response to another Twitter user, Brando said he thinks the Tide will lose at least two games. 

">August 1, 2016

Like many, Brando is high on Tennessee and he's clearly a big believer in Washington. Ohio State and Michigan State would be happy to see themselves in the top 10, but wouldn't like being behind their rival, Michigan.

At first glance, Notre Dame and Stanford appear to be the two teams most likely to feel "snubbed" by this particular list. Brando loves Houston as a possible CFP bracket-buster, but they'd probably have to beat Oklahoma in the opener to do that.

Overall, this looks like a list that will have a lot of people talking. What do you think of it?